Wooden Blinds: A Long History of Sophistication and Functionality

Wood blinds in front of bright, sunlit windowsWe’ve all heard them called Venetian Blinds. As it turns out, Venetian blinds might have originated in Persia. It was around the mid 1700’s that these wood coverings were introduced in Europe and were quickly adopted by many. In the United States, Venetian blinds were introduced around the same time and were fast to spread to government buildings and the higher classes. Here at Marlo Building Services, we know that wooden blinds are a great addition to any room no matter the decor, style, or size.

In many paintings of the era, wood blinds can be seen as part of typical households and government buildings. In well known paintings and representations they were found, for example, in the background as the founders sign the Declaration of Independence. Renditions of the Constitutional Convention show wood blinds as part of the preferred window dressings. You can even find these stylish window dressings in the downstairs corridor of the White House.

The Benefits

And still today blinds conjure up sophistication and class. This classic window treatment continues to impress people with its simple and functional style. They not only dress up any window, but have several notable benefits over fussy curtains.

Light Management: The main functional feature is perhaps the fact that they offer exceptional control and light management. When closed all the way, they will darken a room considerably and keep out unwanted sunlight. If opened slightly, they will allow in minimal light and when opened completely they can flood the room with light.

Easy Maintenance: So while they can easily accumulate dust particles, they are easy to clean and are relatively pain free maintenance.

Elegance: Regardless of you interior decoration, adding wood blinds will add an undeniable layer of elegance and fashion. There is something about the tightly fitted blinds that is simple, minimal, but adds a certain amount of finesse to whatever room they furnish.

Durability: Blinds are far more durable than curtains. Blinds are a lengthy investment. Sometimes curtains can rip, get stained, or or become faded with the sunlight. Blinds are durable and can last you for years to come, giving you years of service for a one time investment.

Temperature Control: Because they are thick, blinds will be more successful in helping your windows keep out cold air or keep out hot air. Simply having good quality blinds can help reduce your energy bill.

Get Blinds with Marlo Building

Thinking of investing in this sophisticated window treatment? Want to be part of this long history of interior decoration and functionality?  Contact Marlo Building Services and we can set you up with fashionable and durable wood blinds for any and every room in your home, office, or business.