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bathroom with glass and windows


Getting creative with window treatments is a great way to really spice up your home or business. Marlo Building Services in El Paso creates custom designed wooden blinds that you can hang on windows in your home or business. Our blinds can be custom designed and colored to fit different sized windows and meet your aesthetic needs.



    The Beauty of Wood Blinds

    Wood blinds are a timeless classic that have been in homes and businesses for many years. While their style has been upgraded over the years, their classic charm has remained the same. Wood blinds are perfect for any room in your home—from the bedrooms to the living room. They also make a great decorative asset in an office or business building. Restaurants and cafes can even use them to shield the sun while their patrons are dining. Whatever the case may be, wood blinds are a stylish way of decorating your windows and keep the sun’s rays at a controllable volume.

    Wood Blind Trends

    Wood blinds have been in style for decades, but today’s trends are more stylish than ever before. Wood blinds are great because not only do they look fashionable, they can also be custom designed to fit oddly shaped windows in your home. For example, that semi-circle window you have above your door or that octogonal one in your kitchen. Finding curtains or other window treatments to fit these odd windows can be difficult, but with wood blinds, it is much easier. Some of our favorite wood blind trends include

    • Colorful blinds

      Another great thing about wood blinds is they don’t have to just be brown. They can be painted to match the aesthetic of a room, one uniform color for the entire house, or certain colors to help with temperature control in your room. Essentially, you can get creative with it.

    • Woven wood shades

      Woven wood shades are another hot new trend. Not only do they successfully block the sun and help with temperature control, they can also look great and are easy to open and close.

    • Wood blinds and curtains

      Who says you can’t go two for two when installing window treatments. Wood blinds look great by themselves but they can also be dressed up with curtains for a flashy or sophisticated flair.

    Wood Blinds from Marlo Building Services

    At Marlo Building Services, we create custom designed wood blinds to decorate your home and keep the sun out. Call us today to learn more!

    Wood blinds are great for decorating, keeping the sun's rays at bay, and having more control over the temperature of your home.