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bathroom with glass and windows


Curtains may get the job done, but nothing compares to having beautiful glass shower doors on your shower. Marlo Building Services in El Paso makes gorgeous shower doors from the finest materials.

If you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom, we’re the place to call!



    Our Shower Door Services

    At Marlo Building Services, we can design, install, repair, and replace glass shower doors. We create beautiful custom designs so you can obtain the bathroom you want. We can custom design both sliding and hinged doors.

    Types of Shower Doors

    Marlo Building Services installs multiple kinds of shower doors, including:

    • Framed Doors

      Framed shower doors include ones that are installed in stand-alone showers. They have hinges and open like a regular door. You can also get framed sliding shower doors depending on the size of your shower and tub.

    • Semi-frameless Doors

      Semi-frameless shower doors have a frame that goes completely around the glass, but parts of the frame don’t go directly through it. This adds for a modern-looking design.

    • Heavy Doors

      Heavy shower doors are often rectangular or cubed and encompass a shower that is connected to a wall on only one or two sides, with the other sides being made entirely from glass.

    Shower Doors vs. Curtains: The Benefits

    If you use a curtain for your shower, you may wonder why you should upgrade to sliding glass doors besides for the aesthetic appeal, especially if you like your curtain. But there are actually many benefits to using glass shower doors as opposed to a curtain, including that they are:

    • More versatile since they can be used for smaller, stand alone showers,
    • Are more elegant,
    • Look better than the traditional shower curtain, and
    • Provide better coverage than shower curtains

    Shower doors not only look great, but they get the job done too. At Marlo Building Services, we can install shower glass doors to make your bathroom the best room in the house. Our products are high-quality, beautiful, and can be designed to go with any type of bathroom aesthetic you may have.

    Shower Door Cleaning Tips

    Shower doors look best when they are properly cleaned regularly. These tips can help:

    • Cleaning Shower Scum Buildup

      While the shower may make us cleaner, the more we use it, the dirtier it tends to be. Mixing warmed vinegar with dish soap proves to be a great shower door scum cleaner. Apply with a squeegee and wipe until clean.

    • Citrus-Based Products

      Citrus has been proven to help keep shower doors clean. Slicing a lemon and then dipping it in baking soda is your best bet. Wipe the baking soda-covered lemon over your door for nice, clean shine.

    • Don’t Forget the Metal Frame

      Shower doors aren’t all glass, so it’s important to keep the metal frame clean as well. Using something as simple as a toothbrush to scrub it clean can make it look great.

    • Spray Your Shower Daily

      While this isn’t a one-stop-shop solution for keeping your shower door clean forever, it can help to keep it clean in between cleaning days.

    If you’re looking to take your bathroom to the next level with shower doors, call Marlo Building Services today! We’re happy to help! Shower doors can make your bathroom look great. Marlo Building Services in El Paso can help you with shower door installation, design, and maintenance.