Most Popular Trends of 2018: Bathroom Accessories

a beautiful and modern bathroom with bathroom accessoriesA bathroom requires accessories in order to be completely useful. If not, it will be nothing more than a sink and a toilet and nothing more. Nowhere to hang the towel, nowhere to hang the toilet paper, and nowhere to see yourself and fix your hair or makeup. It’s true, everything that makes your bathroom as useful, comfortable, and efficient as possible comes down to the small accessories you add to it. If you’re in the El Paso area and you require bathroom accessories, give Marlo Building Services a call! Below, we’ve outlined this year’s most popular options for bathroom accessories.

Towel Holders to Hold the Most Important Things

Towel holders are the unspoken heroes of bathrooms all across the United States and around the world. Without them, you’d have to hang towels over doors or shower curtains in order for them to dry. How annoying would it be if you needed to dry your face after shaving but the towel is either not dry or it’s in a different area? By installing custom-made towel holders in your bathroom, you’ll be able to get ready without worrying! Whether you require one, two, or ten towel holders, we can help.

Toilet Paper Holders Take The Dread Out of Replacing

At one point or another, every human has had to replace their toilet paper. The white, plastic toilet paper roll holder is always such a hassle to get out (sometimes, it springs out from your hands and into the toilet). But why struggle with these old-fashioned designs when you could simply install a beautiful, brand new toilet paper holder that will make your life both easier and comfortable. Best of all, we offer a variety of different toilet paper holder options so you can choose something wholly original! Guests, friends, and family alike will be amazed at how such a simple, yet beautifully designed bathroom accessory could make their visit as efficient as this.

Make Your Bathroom Stand Out with Custom-Designed Mirrors

We often forget about mirrors because they reflect what’s in front of them. Does this mean you shouldn’t care about your mirror? Of course not! Every single detail of your bathroom can be customized to suit your needs and your style. Even the mirrors deserve a personal touch. And it’s not just the mirror itself, but the frame that surrounds it. Every bit can be designed to your specifications and personal taste! These are just three of the most popular bathroom accessories of the year. If you’d like to learn more about what we have to offer, give us a call!