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bathroom with glass and windows


Whether for your home or business, custom mirrors can really add to a room.

Marlo Building Services creates beautiful mirrors for all kinds of buildings, so whether you need them for industrial uses or you need nicely framed ones for your bathrooms, we’ve got you covered.



    Residential Mirrors

    There are many ways you can get creative with the mirrors in your home—and you’re not limited to the mirrors in the bathroom. Mirrors look good in any room and can actually be useful in bedrooms, closets, and dressing rooms. Whether beveled, floating, or framed, our mirrors look great in every home!

    Most apartment complexes have the same, standard mirror in every apartment. We can custom design mirrors so your apartments look uniform yet elegant.

    Types of Mirrors

    We design different types of mirrors, so you can find one that fits your needs. These include:

    • Framed

      Framed mirrors look great in bathrooms, living rooms, and even restaurants. They can be simple and modern or elegant and classy.

    • Beveled

      Beveled mirrors are unique because they are frameless, but the glass contains beveled strips, giving it a unique flair.
      We design a variety of mirrors, so you can find the best one for your home, store, restaurant, and beyond.

    • Floating

      If you opt for a frameless, simpler mirror, a floating mirror can still add a beautiful design to your bathroom. As compared to other mirrors that are glued directly to the wall, floating mirrors are propped away from it, giving the sense that they’re floating. This can look great in bathrooms everywhere, from your home to department stores and everywhere in between.

    Commercial Mirrors

    Our mirrors can be designed for commercial uses as well. This includes:

    • Retail

      We can design mirrors for stores, changing rooms, restrooms, and more for retail companies. This way, you never have to worry about your customers struggling to find a mirror to check out how they look.

    • Gyms and Dance Studios

      Mirrors are important in gyms and dance studios because they allow people to check out their form while they are doing specific exercises or dance movements.

    • Restaurants

      Our framed mirrors look great in both elegant and casual restaurants. We can also custom design frames or beveled mirrors for the bathrooms.

    Call Marlo Building Services Today!

    At Marlo Building Services, our products are high-quality and made with precision. Call us today to learn more about our products. Marlo Building Services designs custom framed, floating, and beveled mirrors for both residential and commercial customers.