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If you own a store or are looking to open one, you know just how important your storefront is. The storefront is where your potential customers make up their mind about a place, it’s where they create their first impressions, it’s what decides whether they go inside or go to a different place altogether. Because of this, you want storefront windows that are designed and strategically placed to appeal to your customers. Marlo Building Services can help you install window glass that’ll make your store fronts look great.



    Store Front Tips for Better Business

    Like we mentioned, store fronts mean a lot for your business, believe it or not. Some tips to use them to your advantage include to:

    Choose a design that best matches your business. Some businesses, such as restaurants and retail stores, benefit from a lot of window space while others, such as a doctor’s office, may not need so much.
    Be environmentally friendly. Use a design that’ll help you save energy based on the region you are in.
    Be unique. Choose a design that really speaks to you and your business.

    Our Products and Services

    At Marlo Building Services, we can install and repair store fronts for businesses. Our products and services include

    • Customized Glass

      The frames that make up and encase the glass portions of your storefront allow you to get the most creative. Many stores opt for one single piece of a glass while others may use the frames to add designs throughout the front. We can cut and customize the glass portions of the storefront to fit the frames.

    • Doors

      Most businesses opt for glass doors because they look nice while also providing good security. Our doors look great and can be made to fit any size store front.

    • Windows

      We can install the glass and frames for the front windows of your store. We use the best products so you can successfully show off your own products. You can strategically place items and signage in your windows to attract new customers and inform returning ones.

    Call Marlo Building Services Today!

    At Marlo Building Services, we can help you by supplying and installing the glass for the storefront of your business. Call today to learn more about how we can help you!

    If you're a construction company building a new store or a business owner looking to open your own store, our storefront glass services can help!