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bathroom with glass and windows


Imagine using a bathroom that didn’t have anywhere for you to hang your bath towel or to place your toilet paper roll. Or imagine using one that didn’t have a mirror or glass shower doors or a window but with no blinds to cover it. This sounds like a pretty disastrous bathroom.

At Marlo Building Services, we custom design beautiful bathroom accessories that can turn your bathroom into the best room in the house.



    Accessories We Design

    We can design a variety of items that help to make sure your bathroom is complete and usable. These include

    • Door Hooks

      Door hooks come in handy when hanging towels, robes, clothes, and everything in between. We can custom design hooks from various metals so you have plenty of places to hang things on.

    • Towel Holders

      No one wants to put their towels on the floor. Hanging them up after a nice, hot shower dries them off and keeps them clean. We make towel holders for every towel in your bathroom. From the hand towel to the bath towel, we’ve got you covered.

    • Toilet Paper Holders

      Also known as the most essential bathroom accessory, toilet paper holders ensure the toilet paper stays where it needs to be.

    • Mirrors

      We can also custom design beautiful mirrors for your bathroom. Mirrors are handy and they can also make a bathroom look great. From the border to the glass, we have your mirror needs covered.

    • Glass Shower Doors

      We are huge fans of glass shower doors at Marlo Building Services. Glass shower doors can make your bathroom look great and they’re easier to clean than shower curtains, making them a great addition to your bathroom.

    Our Materials

    At Marlo Building Services, we only use the best materials to ensure you’re satisfied with the final product. From metals and glass to everything in between, our materials are long lasting and look great. We also offer our products in different colors, including brass and silver. This way, you have options that’ll help you find the best match for your bathroom’s aesthetic.

      Marlo Building Services in El Paso

      If you’re in the market for new bathroom accessories, contact Marlo Building Services today! We carry a variety of products that can help you have the perfect bathroom. Call us to learn more about how we can help you.