A Look Into 2019: What to Expect in Home Design

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When’s the last time you upgraded your home’s mirrors, windows, and bathrooms? If it’s been more than five years, it’s to consider an upgrade. With a new year right around the corner, why not make time to renovate the spaces in your home that may be longing for a makeover. We’ve done our homework and have found the hottest trends in mirrors, windows, and bathrooms.    

Mirrors — It’s All About Full-length and Unique Shapes

If you’re planning a home update in 2019, consider upgrading your home’s mirrors. The trend for 2019 is all about choosing the best mirrors that will elevate your home’s style from ordinary to everyday elegance. There isn’t much that is required to achieve this either. All you have to do is incorporate mirrors that will serve as the main focal points in the bathroom or one that will add a level of sophistication to enhance the rest of the decor.

The easiest and best way to achieve this is to incorporate a full-length mirror. If your wall is long enough, consider hanging a full-length mirror horizontally. Another popular trend is to include uniquely shaped mirrors such as heart-shaped or stone-shaped mirrors. These make for great accents on shorter walls or along spaces that could use decor.   

Windows — Keep It Simple and Traditional

Nearly every home builder website and magazine has predicted that the biggest trend for windows is black hues. Black on black is being requested more and more lately as homeowners make the shift from light colors to dark or more dramatic tones. The idea is to still keep things simple but to go for clean and traditional styles. You can achieve this by opting for darker window shades in rooms that need an overall makeover. You’ll quickly notice that the darker tone shades add a different tone to the room, generally making it feel more sophisticated and modern.

Bathrooms — A Space to Unwind

Planning an overall makeover for your bathroom? Use this time to consider an emerging trend that was made popular in 2018 but will be especially popular in 2019 and that is to make your bathroom as comfortable as possible. Some homeowners now consider their bathroom as a second room. Adding a space to relax and unwind is the best thing you can do for yourself. Consider incorporating more vanity mirrors and areas to perform spa-like rituals like mini facials and manicures.

Explore More Ideas at Marlo Building

As you explore other concepts and trends for updating your home, keep us in mind. At Marlo Building we focus on providing customers with the home and residential fixtures they need to achieve a more beautiful home or office. If you have something in mind, let us know! We can help bring your vision to life.